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Get ‘ere Done: DIY Pot Rack


This weeks been kind of crazy.  It started off with a stomach bug, and ended with baby sitting my nephew.  Which by the way, was one of my best Friday night dates ever!  I had a great time watching the little guy.  Today was a crazy mad dash to deal with work issues, ugh.  So not much got done in the way of home improvement.  I’m going to start working on the basement, the next cess pit in my house.  I do have to say my hubby worked over time getting the house in order.  He totally cleaned up and got the dinning room into usable order.

I know I’ve complained before about the size of my kitchen before, it’s pretty small on storage.  When we moved in we figured that out…I know things a first time home buyers don’t actually think about (like where the hell am I going to put my crap).  It took us all of a few days to figure out we needed extra storage space in the kitchen.  We created this little jewel.  We also added an extra storage with a hanging basket.  The thing on the right side is our antenna.  It just worked out that we get the best reception right there.  The best part is stove is right next to the rack, so you just have to reach up for the pot you need.

Pot RackAnd with no more ado the DIY Pot Rack:

Cost:  About $40.00  (this was a few years ago, when copper wasn’t quite as expensive, but I think this is a good approximation for today)

Difficulty:  Easy (If you can glue and put in a few screws, you’re good to go)

Time:  about an hour or two plus drying time

Here’s what you need to DIY this one on your own.

Copper pipe (we used a 3/4 inch pipe and bought a five foot piece)

90 Degree Copper elbow (make sure its the same size as the pipe)

2 solder joint pressure fittings (the pipe slides into one end and there’s threading on the other, again make sure it fits your pipe)

A Galvanized Iron Floor Flange (If you want it to be all copper, you can sand and spray paint if you want, we left it as is)

Copper Epoxy

Rings and S-hooks in the number of pots you have (we used some copper-colored curtain rings, and crimped the S-hook around the ring)

Tools you’ll need are a pipe cutter (a hack saw would do, but not as clean of a cut), screw driver, and a pair of pliers.

***If you want to paint the non-copper pieces you’ll need a can of copper-colored spray paint, and some sand paper to rough the pieces up a bit before you spray them.

We didn’t really have a specific size we were trying to fit, we just wanted it shorter than the half wall we were putting it over.  If you have a specific space, remember that the pressure fitting, floor flange and elbow pipe will add to the size of the final product.  Measure twice, cut once…or in my case, measure three times and cut it bigger than you think, or you’ll be sorry.  You’ll need two pieces, one about three to four inches, and the other the length you want the pot rack.

It’s all down hill after that.  Dry fit the pips with the elbow joint, and pressure fittings.  Once you know everything fits in place, pull it apart and line the inside of the fittings with copper epoxy.  Follow the directions on the epoxy, and let it dry completely before you start the next process.  If you want to spray paint any of the galvanized pieces, S-hooks or rings, this is the time to do it.  Lightly sand each piece and spray paint.

Take the rings and put an S-hook on each.  Use your pliers to crimp the end on the hook closed.  This will keep the hooks from falling off.  Slide on the rings next.  Screw on the floor flanges, make sure they are far enough in to be secure, but don’t over screw them or they won’t be flat against the wall.  It’s better to screw the pot rack into studs, especially if you have heavy pots your going to hang.  That’s it.  It takes a while for the epoxy to dry, otherwise it takes almost not time.  If you want it to stay nice and shiny then you’ll also need to seal it, some polyurethane or other clear coat should work.  We didn’t mind if it oxidized or discolored, I think it just gives it a bit more of an industrial look.